Saw the video game.

The Saw horror movies that we all love is coming out as a thrilling video game. Everyone wants to know what it feels like to be in one of the jigsaws traps… And now it’s your turn to experience life in this first ever Saw game. Play through the traps from each Saw film, even up to Saw 6 where the game finally solves the riddle of the movie. Guess who plays the voice of Jigsaw in the game? None other than the mystery man himself TOBIN BELL who plays obsessive Jonathan Kramer in Jigsaw in all of the Saw movies. His aim is to manipulate all to continue his work of teaching people the true value of their own lives. Play your game through the story lines of the movies. Think you can get the better of them?  Now’s your chance! Even get a chance to fight the masked pigs! Think you can manage to get away? Or will you end up just like they did ? Poor little porkers… ! Remember Amanda Young in the first trap? The only contender to survive for the first 5 films ? Maybe you can survive where others have failed? Everyone has a chance to live, is what Jigsaw says? But the twist comes when you inadvertently forget to follow the rules The game is expected to have a special online element. You may need to become friends with other players of the game in order to get out alive. Just remember that things can change at any time. So you need to stay alert. Keep your wit’s about your fellow players! Watch this space.

Saw the Video Game screenshots