saw game characters

Jigsaw will be in the saw video game

igsaw who is named Jonathan Kramer is the constructor of symbolic death traps to teach his victims throughout the films the meaning of life and what suffering is.the traps which have been created by Jigsaw are the very traps we face within the different stages of the official saw game.As a player to will have the chance to be placed in the reality of the saw films saw 1,2,3,4 and 5 by Jigsaw earning your way out. At this very part it portrays Jigsaws theory “the knowledge of death changes everything. If you where to know the exact moment of your very death. Then your world would be shattered, and you would look at life in a different way from then on,”. We see in the 1st saw movie that Jigsaw is struggling to fight against cancer and he believes that people don’t know the means of suffering and life its self.

Jigsaw targets many victims that he believes are not valuing their life and puts them in a situation where their life is at stake.By putting them in life threatening situations Jigsaw feels that his victims will thank him what he has done.He jigsaw himself does not intend to kill his subjects he wants to test them and see if they have the will to survive.with each of his unsuccessful subjects he cuts a Jigsaw piece out of their flesh this is portrayed in saw 2 as a vital missing piece of the human puzzle ‘The survival instinct’. During the first movie Jigsaws identity is unknown there are many suspects of the victims of the first film but in the end it reveals that it is in fact the terminal paitent of Dr Gordon.

Jigsaw was led to sucide driving off the end of the cliff but suvived the attempt.This is what led him to his work to began to save people from theirselves. his games are all psycological torture to his victims.his indentity being unknown he leads Dectective Eric matthews and police to apprend him where he puts them through a test where Erics son is in a game.this part of the film is where Amanda becomes Jigsaws apprentice having survived her trap.

At the time of death Jigsaw was 52 and killed in saw 3 by Jeff Reinhart the wife of jeff was Dr. Lyn denlon who was keeping jigsaw alive by performing surgery.Lyn was told if Jigsaw died so would she as the device around her neck would set off.during all this Jigsaw attempts to prevent amanda from failing her test and when she breaks down Amanda shoots lyn.the husband of lyn then kills amanda with a gun shot wound to her neck and the vengeful man then turns to Jigsaw believing he was playing a killing game with Lyn and kills him with a power saw which then sets of the trap on his wife. Can you survive the reality of being in one of Jigsaws real traps,or even come face to face with John Kramer himself?.

Amanda Young

We meet Amanda Young in the very first saw movie as a victim of one of jigsaws traps. Amanda was targeted by jigsaw for being a drug addict, as he believed she was unappreciative of her life. She is the only known survivor of jigsaws traps Amanda should live fully with fear and hate towards her captor but all she recalls is that jigsaw helped her. She wakes up with a device attached to her head set to rip her jaws open and is forced to kill a sedated man in order to get the key to remove the device. This very trapped is recreated in the game as is one of the very first traps you have to face when you are placed within the reality of the official saw game.
When we step into Saw 2 we see Amanda has become jigsaws apprentice to take over his legacy. At the end we believe she is fully trained but within Saw 3 we see despite all that jigsaw has taught her she goes back to her old ways of doing things. During the third film we then realise that jigsaw has given Amanda yet another game to play. The theory of jigsaw is then portrayed is as what Amanda has turned to as part of what she supposedly believes in now but we see the side of her in saw 3 which jigsaw has no knowledge of. Amanda turns to self harm again and it seems as if she has not learnt her lesson from the trap in the first movie.Amanda is then killed by not following the rules she is shot in the neck by Jeff reinhart Lyn’s husband. So do you think you will you be able to fight off Amanda Young as one of the masked pigs in the game?.

Detective David Tapp

Detective Tapp is the policeman who has been studying the case of Jigsaw from the very beginning he was merely obsessed with tracking Jigsaw down.We start the game with Detective Tapp in the asylum with the jaw splitter trap. Tapp was brought to the asylum buy jigsaw who provides him with many of the clues through out the game in order to get out alive.Detective Tapp will be the playable throughout the game but however will not be voiced by Danny Glover.Detective Tapp comes across Dr.Gordens wife and daughter who are hostage in one of Jigsaws games and it is he Dectective Tapp who tries to save them from being murdered Detective Tapp had a slash to the throat by Jigsaw when he attempted to arrested him fortunately tapp survived with the injury with just a scar to the neck and a noticeable change in the voice pattern. When being Tapp as the playable character you will have to search through the whole building for clues left behind by Jigsaw it may consist of playing many deadly games deciding whether to save people or not in the asylum. Firstly Tapp will have to free him self from the very famous bear trap. Who will you help? Who will you let die?

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