saw 7 movie

It seems like there is going to be a saw 7 movie we all thought that it was going to be the end when we heard saw 6 was coming out and ‘The games comes for circle ‘ was quoted on all advertisements but I think we have all been miss led to believe that it would be the last. It seems that there is indeed going to be a saw7 movie but how can that be as everyone is now dead .Do you remember Dr Gordon did you see him die or even his dead body? Do you think he died from loss of blood? I think we could all be wrong. Don’t you think it’s weird that in every saw movie Dr Lawrence Gordon has been mentioned? What about all of the medical equipment from which can be found in a hospital where else could this stuff come from unless it was from a doctor like Dr Gordon or maybe even the surgical procedures that have been carried out on the new patients for Jigsaw can they only be preformed by a professional surgeon. One clue for that is ‘KEY in EYE’ Take a look at this video and see the theory of Dr.Gordon you will see for yourself how it all fits together. It is also talked about that one of the saw movies would be in 3d so maybe saw 7 will be in 3d

Note this is not official information from the makers of saw in anyway its just a theory that if there was going to be an saw 7 movie that there is a theory of who could be in it and what is most likely to be a storyline for the last saw movie. What do you guys think about this do you think there will be an saw 7 movie ?